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A small insight into our destinations.

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea between Europe, Africa and Asia, a Nebenmeer of the Atlantic and because it with the street of Gibraltar only one very narrow connection with the Atlantic owns, also the inland sea. In the Arabian and Turkish it is also called "the White Sea".


 The best time to visit the Land of the Gods is May to September.
From May, the temperatures are 20 degrees and the water temperatures invite you to a first bath.
Depending on the region, the wind conditions vary greatly from the balmy breeze in the Ionian Sea to a stiff breeze in the Cyclades. Especially when the Meltemi whistles over the sea.


Bella Italia is not just the beach in the tourist strongholds.

The best travel time is also here from May to September.

Especially the south of Italy is nowhere near as crowded as

the North.

Those who want something a little hot should visit the volcanoes in the south.

(Etna, Stromboli) The sailing area around the Aeolian Islands is ideal for more experienced sailors.


The land of the Thousand Islands.
Best travel time May to September
Croatia has become a hot spot for sailors in recent years, which has the advantage that ports and marinas are among the best in the Mediterranean. The disadvantage is that it is really full. However, the towns and villages by the sea are beautiful and if you like it quieter just anchor in one of the many coves.


The Balearic Islands island is not liked without reason so. The nearness to Germany is perfect to spend a vacation with the whole family on the island. The climate and the weather are pleasant all year round, so that any time a vacation is worthwhile. The numerous places of interest and destinations on Majorca bring great change. There there come picturesque beaches and bays which show the absolute tourist magnet. However, Majorca is suited not only for solar adorer, but also for vacationers who are active with pleasure. The mixed landscape of Majorca makes numerous activities in the wonderful nature possible. Besides Majorca with quiet holiday's regions as well as with lively party strongholds scores. With it is made sure that everybody agrees on the Balearic Islands island what he wishes. Get to know what is typically for Majorca which specials the Majorcan kitchen has to offer and when you can saunter about the markets.

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