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The new trend fitness - health - groups-sail travelling
The combination of health, fitness, culture and tours

Time for you!
Actively trip under sailings

We are accompanied on our trip on our swimming hotel (a catamaran with full equipment) from four elements. These create by movement and relaxation the base for a longer-term balance of body and soul. New impressions and this sail actually provide for a free head and contribute therefore to the disposal of old loads. Wind, water, the sun and sand – this are the ingredients for a wholesome vacation. Nevertheless, they provide not only for bare relaxation, but also strengthen body and defences.
Fire: for it there stands the sun. Use the sun for your health, for your immune system and for your metabolism. However, please with healthy common sense and without to risk sunburn. The sun should be properly used. She has curative forces.
Earth: In our evolution the habits have changed and the technical progress is unstoppable. Earlier the people have run barefoot – nowadays we wear constantly shoes with elastic soles or plastic soles, these hold us from the negative load of the earth separate and isolate us therefore. Best of all earth we to us, while we put the naked feet every day for a certain time on grass, earth, sand. This ground normalises the Cortisol removal in the body.

Water: Already in the antiquity curative effects were ascribed to the sea. The Egyptian queen Kleopatra let herself bring the salt from the dead sea specially for her bath. At that time, finally, one already thought in the fact that this works like a fountain of youth for the skin. Till this day the salt from the dead sea is asked worldwide. Though the salt and mineral substance concentration is higher in the dead sea possibly 10 spot than in other waters, however, salted water offers in general positive effects for the body.

The CURATIVE strength of THE sea
Releases the respiratory tract
If the relaxation promotes
Relieves the joints
If the immune system strengthens
It is anti-inflammatory

Air: the wind
The sea air is loaded relatively a little with pollen, pollutants, injurious steams, exhaust gases, sooty and other particles which could release allergies. The maritime aerosols (salted water droplet) in the air work expectorant on the respiratory tract, solve skin scales and smooth the skin.
Indisputable allergy sufferers and Neurodermitiker also feel fine during such a climate cure healthy and.

Walking: lowers steadily the blood pressure, because rest and load pressure are harmonised with each other and are lowered as it were.
The walking is relevant particularly for person living in the city also for the lung. It is supplied with wanderings generally and regularly with fresh air and the alveoli are cleaned therefore. Besides, the raised oxygen supply contributes to the fact that all organs are evenly supplied with blood by which the heart is relieved.
The connection from sport and culture can also walk be.

The beauty is also that the walking connects the leisure activities sightseeing and sport so perfectly. Running, quite all the same in which tempo, coaches all senses as well as own musculature and the perseverance. Only on foot one can also pause once to breathe deeply briefly, to enjoy the scenery and to take maybe a few photos. Thus gathers fast a complete photo atlas of the places which one has explored in this world. Such would never come about with a classical package tour with bare wellness and fitness use at hotels.

Ride a bike: whether muscles or heart circulation system: Cycle brings the whole body in top form. The fat metabolism high turns; the position is strengthened; the joints receive arthrosis protection; the stress is reduced. And with all these relevant aspects conducive to health, we are on the move ecologically friendly.

Canoe driving: has many health advantages: The rotation with the paddle strengthens the upper part of the body, the steady movement on the water is a good stamina training. However, leisure sportsmen do with it also something for her psyche.

Swimming: the swell affects positively the fitness!
The training effect is bigger than with the swimming in the smooth water. One swims automatically powerful and more intensely. The contact with the nature also motivates to go longer or more often to the water than in a swimming pool.

Food: Why the Mediterranean kitchen is so healthy.
Fruit, vegetables, olive oil and a lot of fish, but little meat. A food which is good for body and soul because it exists of food rich in roughage and rich in strength and this at the same time richly in vitamins and mineral substances are. Overweight is bent forward in such a way, the digestion is promoted.

Detox: in order to neutralise and purify, detoxify
To the good end the most important one

Relaxation: Nothing do, be nature and this enjoy, switch off.

Vacation from I
Rest succeeds best of all if one leaves his problems and nuisances of the everyday life possibly at home. This indicates, the thoughts not – as usual commonly – to let circle the always returning subjects of his life. For it importantly is this intention: on vacation to want to solve no problems. Themselves concede to do once nothing, to want to promote to reach nothing at all so purely and to want to promote. And for one or two weeks, as long as the vacation just lasts. Then the Platon's sentence can become true that the sea washes all discomfort away. Dr. Thomas Hartl)

You can combine this health offer with our different destinations. Appeal to us.

The feet in the sand, sea air in the nose and in the ear the gentle rushing of the waves: A stay on the coast touches all our senses.

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